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Kaohsiung Forum on Taiwan-Korea Intercultural communication held in NUK
In order to promote the cultural exchange and sharing the experience between Taiwan and Korea, Department of East Asian Languages and Literature of NUK, the only Korean language and culture study academic institution in Central and Southern Taiwan, held the Forum on Taiwan-Korea Intercultural communication on November 18.

The Korean cultural had been spread widely through the drama, Pop culture, sports, and so on. Recognizing importance of keeping the peace in East Asia in the field of international Politic, the main theme of The “Kaohsiung Forum” focuses on the intercultural communication and the security issues of East Asia. The special guests were invited from Korea, US, and Taiwan in the fields of cultural, academia, and education expertise. The participants emphasized the importance of enhancing the economic and culture exchange relationship between Taiwan and Korea, and expected the more communication with respect to public diplomacy in the future.
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