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Students of NUK won the “Excellence Award” of the Virtual Design World Cup 2018

Two Teams of Students from the department of architecture of National University of Kaohsiung (NUK) won the “Excellence Award” and the “Honorable Judge Award” of "The 8th Virtual Design World Cup (VDWC)” of 2018 which was held in Tokyo, Japan.

The theme of this year is “Create Shanghai as a Shared City System in the future” and focuses on the district of Pudong. The proposal of one of the team’s work “Embrace World” from NUK developed a shared economy and promoted more efficient use of resources in combination with smart Internet of Things (IoT), which won the “Excellence Award”.

“Dragon Vein” the proposal of the other team from NUK developed the concept of “three-dimensional multi-layer transportation” and try to solve the traffic problem in Shanghai, which won the “Honorable Judge Award”.

There are more than 40 teams from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China, India, Great Britain, and Taiwan, participated this competition.
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