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NUK opening ceremony: Encourages students to cultivate cross-domain capabilities


【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

Quality Education Decent Work and Economic Growth

2022-09-05 On September 5th, 2022, National University of Kaohsiung (NUK) officially held a physical opening ceremony for Freshmen. The vice president, Tsung-Fang Wu, encourages Freshmen to involve with diverse academic programs such as “AVR” actively aside from taking required subjects. As the nearby Qiaotou Science Park and TSMC are massively under construction, the students must seize the chance and enrich themselves. 

Since 2019, the outbreak of COVID-19 has intensely affected the whole world and fully changed traditional education patterns. For instance, the Freshmen at the opening ceremony must have experienced taking classes through distance learning while they’re in high schools. Yet, students certainly have dreams about college life, and one of the most dreamlike things is to grow with their mates on this green campus, said Tsung-Fang Wu.

Tsung-Fang Wu emphasizes that NUK has been constantly working on improvement, innovation, and creating a high-quality learning environment for students. Especially, the “AVR Program,” which was established this year, leads students to learn more about the future development of Metaverse in advance. Joining AVR Program will immensely develop interdisciplinary learning skills.

Otherwise, the Student Activity Center, which won City Construction Golden Quality Award for Architectural Design, has opened on the school anniversary day this year. It provides a spacious place for school clubs, and Chunghwa Post Company will also presence in it in the future. Many stores are invited, showing the spirit of sustainable development.

As some countries loosen restrictions in this post pandemic era, National University of Kaohsiung will interact with more than 340 sister schools frequently and encourage students to apply for exchange students, participate in online forums, and expand diverse visions.

Tsung-Fang Wu also gave Freshmen a pep talk. He firmly believes that choosing NUK is definitely a wise choice, for school authorities keep devoting all the resources to the innovation of society and sustainable development. The excellent performance of NUK gained recognition from all walks of life. Among public general medium-sized universities, NUK won championship of “2022 Enterprises Favorite College Students Survey” in Cheers magazine; as for “2022 THE Impact Rankings” in Times Higher Education, NUK ranks 6th in Taiwan, 401st – 600th worldwide.

National University of Kaohsiung gives full play to build Kaohsiung a stronghold of 5G and AIoT as government promoted Great Southern Project--Southern Semiconductor S Corridor. Besides, NUK has established industry-academia cooperation center with ASE to foster advanced scientific and technological talents, shooting for Semiconductor Talent Training Program of Industrial Development Bureau. Institute for Information Industry and NUK also assist enterprises in digital transformation with practical cases. In the meantime, both sides provide optimization services for startup companies in Asia New Bay Area.


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