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NUK held a retro party with Khut-Kang Business District at Mid-Autumn Festival


【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

Sustainable Cities and Communities

2022-09-14 Directed by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, National University of Kaohsiung collaborated with Institute for Information Industry, Startup Talk, and Kaohsiung City Yancheng Khut-Kang Business District Development Association, conducting “KHUT-KANG Modern Time’s” on Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend. With a strong retro style, it led the public to see the beauty of Khut-Kang in the 1970s.

“KHUT-KANG Modern Time’s” was held near the Green Eight Park of Yancheng Khut-Kang Business District on September 9th, which lasted for two days. There were music performances, antique selling, and a retro bazaar. 

Otherwise, Taiwan Association of Culture Sustainability for Two Stroke Scooters was invited to hold an old car party and design puzzle-solving activity, thus attracted people at the bazzar to deeply visit the stores in the business district.

NUK said that the school has been linking industry and society actively, and they also connected with Khut-Kang Business District Development Association, local cultural workers (72 DESIGN studio) and neighboring stores to discuss holding this event together. Leading students to perform at the opening ceremony and to set up stalls at the bazaar obviously gave full play to the value of university and the spirit of co-prosperity.

Kuang-Tsan Hsu, the chairman of Kaohsiung City Yancheng Khut-Kang Business District Development Association, stated that the association has long been concerned about the development of the business district, hoping that more people would visit and get to know more about Yancheng Khut-Kang Business District through this event. They also look forward to shaping the form of cooperation between industry, official and university in the future, and jointly promoting the local characteristics.



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