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2022 IYSL Online - SDGs Innovation Competition: Idea of helping abused women won the championship



【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

Quality Education Gender Quality Sustainable Cities and Communities Responsible Consumption Climate Action Partnerships for the Goals

2022-10-07 Held by National University of Kaohsiung, 2022 IYSL Online - SDGs Innovation Competition is coming to the third, and the finals were on October 5th. The top 10 teams from sister schools in Taiwan, Indonesia, India and the Philippines showed their abilities in turn. In the end, the team from Philippines Bicol University won the championship with the idea of designing an APP called WISP (Women Inspiring Support and Progress) to help local abused women, gaining the biggest prize.

Team WISP stated that one in four women aged 15-49 in the Philippines has experienced domestic violence, and in Bicol where they are located, the proportion of women experiencing violence is much higher than in other regions. That’s the reason why they designed the APP and built a support system to help abused women get out of life difficulties and become financially independent. 

As for the runner-up and the second runner-up, Indian RIT Institute of Technology students won those prizes. The runner-up, Analysis of Solid Waste and Potential Scope for Refused Derive Fuel in Islampur City used Pyrolysis technology to reuse waste plastic into fuel, fulfilling Circular Economy. 

The second runner-up team STARK Tech developed a machine to shovel livestock manure to replace manpower for India is the fifth largest poultry farming country in the world. This move can improve the environmental hygiene of the farm.

Three other teams won the Rising Star Award. The AMBAH team from NUK indicated that using biomimetic Saharan silver ants’ hair as thermal insulation building materials to lower the indoor temperature by 4-5 degrees, for the hair can reflect and block sunlight. 

Another team called SPROUT from Philippines Bicol University designed an APP to teach the public how to turn household kitchen waste into fertilizer, and resell it to local farmers to turn leftover into gold. 

From Indonesia University Tanjungpura, the team Pi Feed indicated that agricultural waste such as pineapple peels can also be reused and turned into organic livestock feed.

Upholding the spirit of University Social Responsibility, IYSL committed to advancing SDGs. After Yueh-Tuan Chen, the president of NUK started the campaign, the videos that presidents of the sister schools recorded across the sea were showed to encourage participating teams to solve social issues and lead the society towards sustainable development. 

This event also invited Jiunn-Rong Yeh, former Minister of Education and Chair Professor of National Taiwan University, to give a special speech, encouraging young students to cultivate the ability of facing future challenge through civic participation and social practice. 

Hsing-Hao Wu, International Director of the event, said that through multiple partnership, IYSL works with sister schools at home and abroad to promote sustainable vision and cultivate students’ global perspective, which is of far-reaching significance.


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