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NUK assists international students to attend 2022 Kaohsiung Little Southeast Asia Community Carnival


【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

Partnerships for the Goals

2022-10-11Around Kaohsiung Station, there lies Kaohsiung Little Southeast Asia Community. Aside from being a co-living circle for migrant workers, Taiwanese new immigrants and international students, it also acts as bridge between knowing Kaohsiung and Southeast Asia, acting as one of the local resources for Kaohsiung to become an international city. 

Hsing-Hao Wu from Office of International Affairs of NUK not only participated in the opening ceremony in person but also arrived at the bazaar with colleagues to cheer the students up and enjoyed this grand event.

In order to facilitate communication between citizens and new immigrants (migrant workers, Taiwanese new immigrants and international students) and create more opportunities of knowing and interacting with each other, Kaohsiung Friends of Indonesia Association-KFI, along with Labor Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, Sinsing District Office, Sanmin District Office, NUK and 7 colleges in Kaohsiung, held “2022 Kaohsiung Little Southeast Asia Community Carnival” at Kaohsiung Little Southeast Asia Community on October 9th, from2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

In addition to numerous Southeast Asian snacks, Southeast Asian cultural performances, lucky draws and educational experiencing activities, there were also more than 30 crowded stands and 20 more Southeast Asian specialty stalls.

In order to fulfill University Social Responsibility, National University of Kaohsiung enhances social activation and integrates into local life, organizing 2022 Kaohsiung Little Southeast Asia Community Carnival. 

Nineteen NUK international students from Indonesia, Malaysia, and so on collaborated in preparing for 2 food stands. The creative cuisine, based on their familiar hometown food, was turned into Chicken Satay with Chutney, Mee Goreng, Indonesian corn cheese pie, etc. 

International students of NUK not only learnt how to arrange activity and manage income and expenditure while preparing for the food stands but also helped residents of Kaohsiung know more about them through promoting different cultures and delicious cuisine. 




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