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NUK Overseas Student Orientation: President Yueh-Tuan Chen encourages students to strengthen competitiveness



【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

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2022-10-24 A total of 70 foreign freshmen from 8 countries including Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong are enrolled in the first semester of the 111-academic year of National University of Kaohsiung. The Office of International Affairs held an Overseas Student Orientation on October 22nd, and the president Yueh-Tuan Chen also attended to welcome them to join NUK family. In the meantime, the Sergeant from Nanzi Precinct, Shu-Ling Yu and teaching assistant Yao-Hsien Yang were invited to promote personal safety and other precautions.

In the speech, president Yueh-Tuan Chen mentioned that her child is studying abroad, and this is the reason why she views these 70 students as her children. New students are expected to learn independence and the ability to overcome loneliness during their studies at NUK. Using resources of NUK to learn Chinese and interdisciplinary skills can also improve future competitiveness. Besides, foreign students should experience Taiwan's multiculturalism in extra-curricular time and broaden their horizons.

Hsing-Hao Wu from Office of International Affairs expressed his expectation toward all the foreign students, encouraging them to exchange with more than 340 sister schools. It is hoped that the foreign students can expand their horizons, explore more possibilities, and strengthen their ability.

The Sergeant Shu-Ling Yu and teaching assistant Yao-Hsien Yang from Nanzi Precinct promoted that how to deal with being followed, and they demonstrated how to use pepper spray and self-defense to protect themselves when they are in danger.

In addition, dorm manager was also invited to explain the dormitory equipment and dormitory regulations of the school. Colleagues from the Office of International Affairs educated the freshmen about important matters such as insurance, scholarships, part-time jobs and course selection related to overseas students.

Overseas Compatriot Students Association, which was consisted of foreign students of NUK, not only translated for language barrier freshmen but also brought them a joyful dancing performance. The after-party led the freshmen to make new friends through playing games, and it helped them to integrate into the university as soon as possible and get to know the new environment.


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