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Reopening international communication after the pandemic: NUK visited SDGs partners in Thailand



【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

quality education partner ships for the goals

2022-11-04 After the pandemic, lots of countries lifted some restrictions on boarders reopening. The president of National University of Kaohsiung, Yueh-Tuan Chen, the dean of International Affairs, Hsing-Hao Wu, and the supervisor of EMBA center, Ming-Chang Weng visited Siam University, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand and Taiwan-funded enterprises on November 2nd.

Delegation of NUK was fervently welcomed by Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, the president of Siam University, Dr. Cheol Je Cho, the vice president, Maruj Limpawattana, the dean of International Affairs, and Dr. Boonyadaa Chongsitthiphol from College of Management.

On the same day, the presidents of the two sides signed the student exchange agreement under the witness of the teachers of the two schools. Since the two schools have a common school governance concept: SDGs integration and local linkage, the two sides conducted in-depth and extensive discussions on specific cooperation directions and reached a high degree of consensus on co-hosting sustainable youth camps, summer schools, mobile learning, World Peace Forum, and international USR field experience sharing. 

NUK and Siam University are looking forward to establishing an international partnership with SDGs as the main axis through multilateral cooperation to jointly promote the vision of sustainable teaching.

The delegation of NUK also headed to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand to visit Shuo-Han Chuang, the Representative, and Yen-Heng Ou Yang, Chief of Education Division, sharing and discussing the policy of enrolling new students in Thailand and the issues of industrial talent cultivation. President Yueh-Tuan Chen said that NUK will actively carry out key enrollments for the EMBA Thailand class and the newly established International Specialization Department to provide professional talent training.

The Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand, Shuo-Han Chuang, encourages NUK to keep working on the exchange and enrollment of higher education in Thailand, and he also promised to help more excellent students to study in Taiwan, deepening the influence of Taiwan's education. 

The dean of International Affairs, Hsing-Hao Wu, said that NUK has been cultivating exchanges and enrollment with new southbound countries for many years, and the pace of promoting international exchanges has not stopped due to the pandemic. He is looking forward to deepening the cooperative relationship with sister schools in Southeast Asia in the future and working closely with the Taiwanese industry to jointly cultivate talents needed by the industry.


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