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EMBA of NUK being the first delegation of Taiwan visited Thailand enterprises and exchanges post-pandemic economy

【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

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2022-11-09 The EMBA Center of National University of Kaohsiung has finally visited foreign enterprises after 2 years of the pandemic, and it’s the first visiting group in Taiwan after the outbreak of COVID-19. 

NUK chose Thailand as the first stop. In addition to socializing with local EMBA partners, we also hope that we can use this opportunity to know more about the development of Thailand’s economy and industry, and the solution of the Thai government in the face of COVID-19. Of course, it will be a pleasure if local Taiwanese businessmen can join the EMBA Academy of NUK.

The five-day Thailand enterprise visit was led by the president of NUK, Yueh-Tuan Chen, along with the chief of EMBA Center, Ming-Chang Weng, the 2 CEOs, Chih-Min She and Ting-Lin Li, the secretary and the members of EMBA. There were 41 people in total, heading to Thailand happily. This time, the dean of International Affairs, Hsing-Hao Wu also visited the sister schools of NUK, such as Siam University and Wells International School.

On the basis of the previous MOU academic exchange signed by the two parties, it is also hoped that the two sides can further strengthen the program planning of exchanging students or opening summer schools. On that day, Shuo-Han Chuang, the Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand, and Yen-Heng Ou Yang, Chief of Education Division especially welcomed the delegation. 

Shuo-Han Chuang, the Representative said that Taiwan's higher education has strengthened exchanges with Southeast Asian countries under the encouragement of the government, and the Thai government promotes the economic transformation of "Thailand 4.0," actively promoting international cooperation and talent exchanges. 

Coupled with Taiwan's environmental security, medical care and democratic development achievements, it is a very suitable environment for Thai students to learn and grow. We will be glad to see that NUK can strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Thai higher education.

The EMBA would like to thank Chairman Teng-Yen Cheng of Thailand Huaxin Rubber Company for his recommendation. He arranged the visiting of CHIA YANG STEEL MOLD CO., LTD, Food and Drinks, TIBEST INTERNATIONAL INC., Thailand Huaxin Rubber Company and Wells International School. 

Although these four companies are all manufacturing companies, and the environments and challenges faced by the industries are different, what they have in common is that these overseas Taiwanese companies make good use of their own advantages and resources, gradually establishing its own dynamic ability to adapt to the environment, and finally gained a firm foothold overseas.

Yueh-Tuan Chen mentioned that during this trip, we visited companies with different characteristics in different industries. In addition to broadening the international outlook of the trainees and learning the experience of Taiwanese businessmen operating overseas, they also fully felt the hardships and resilience displayed by Taiwanese businessmen in foreign countries. 

NUK has devoted to promoting cultural inheritance and connection, and our education will reach wherever Taiwanese businessmen are. This is also the social responsibility of NUK.

The corporate visit was especially arranged to gather with EMBA Thailand class alumni and hold an admission seminar. EMBA Overseas Class of NUK is a course with good value, especially the first "Lifetime Warranty" study in Taiwan, which is highly praised by companies and enterprises. At present, it is the time when the EMBA management class, EMLBA law class, and IEMBA international management class of NUK are recruiting students. Interested students are welcome to join the National University of Kaohsiung.

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