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NUK was given a GPU from Taiwan AI Academy and ready to face the third wave of artificial intelligence

Yueh-Tuan Chen, the President (first person from right hand side) represents NUK to receive GPU from Taiwan AI Academy
Yueh-Tuan Chen, the President (first person from right hand side) represents NUK to receive GPU from Taiwan AI Academy


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2022-11-18 National University of Kaohsiung's achievements in linking industry and society are recognized again. The president of NUK, Yueh-Tuan Chen, was invited to Taiwan AI Academy’s Annual Conference, and was given a GPU (graphics acceleration processing) server. 

She indicated that in the face of the third wave of AI sweeping the world, Taiwan cannot stay out of it. To give full play to the value of the university, the two parties will deepen industry-university cooperation, promote the diffusion of AI technology, and promote the application of information security, semiconductors, and traditional industries.

The ceremony is a series of activities of "Taiwan AI Academy’s Annual Conference," hosted by the President of Academia Sinica and also the chairman of Taiwan AI Academy, James C. Liao. NUK is one of the five endowed universities in Taiwan.

Yueh-Tuan Chen, the President of NUK said that the school actively develops AI and takes the lead in southern universities. For example, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering established in 2004 features artificial intelligence systems as its main development feature. In 2017, the AI Center was launched, integrating Computer Science and Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Management, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and other departments. 

The AI Center has been studying knowledge engineering, neural networks, computer vision, intelligent robots, machine learning, big data analysis and other AI fields for a long time, cultivating cross-disciplinary talents and local traditional industries to assist in technological upgrading.

Yueh-Tuan Chen emphasized that NUK has actively cooperated with national policies, given full play to the value of the university, linked industry and society, and shared prosperity with the local community. The efforts students and teachers have made are recognized, including "Cheers" magazine's "2022 Enterprises' Favorite College Students Survey", Kaohsiung University won the championship among public medium-sized universities.

In addition, the 10-year follow-up survey published by 104 Job Bank pointed out that the "cautious" trait is the most important in the "software R&D" and "engineering R&D" jobs. NUK ranks among the top 5 universities in Taiwan, and it is the only emerging university that keeps pace with top universities.

NUK and Taiwan AI Academy have already cooperated with each other. For example, they continue to assist the local industry to use AI technology for industrial upgrading and digital transformation, and are also committed to information security and digital development industrial applications. 

Another example is the development of AI virtual and real sound separation technology by teachers and students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Engineering of NUK, which was invited to display at the CCoE; other AI system achievements have won multiple awards in the National College Information Application Service Innovation Competition.

Taiwan AI Academy, founded in 2018, was hosted by the Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Academy Foundation and supported by Institute of Information Science and Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica. 

Private injections include Formosa Plastics Corporation, CHIMEI Corporation, Inventec, ELAN MICROELECTRONICS CORPORATION, MediaTek, AU Optronics, Shin-Kong Life Real Estate Service. The goal is to introduce artificial intelligence technology into various fields and applications, and enhance industrial competitiveness, government efficiency, scientific breakthroughs, etc.


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