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The NUK English Camp encourages students to present in English through walking tour



【Translator:Yu-Yan Hsieh】

【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

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2022-12-23 In order to encourage students to speak English and use it in real life, Center for English Teaching and Learning Resources and International Affairs of National University of Kaohsiung held an English Learning Camp together. Aside from training presentation skills, they also visited the old tribes in Yancheng District to observe the difference between the past and the present, and presented their observation in English. 

The English Camp started on December 16th. The Dean of International Affairs as known as the Director of Center for English Teaching and Learning Resources, Hsing-Hao Wu, hosted the opening ceremony and indicated that even if Covid-19 strongly affected international bonds, NUK still struggled to break the restriction of the pandemic. Such as using online video to hold online forums to keep in touch.

Hsing-Hao Wu said that with the loosening of pandemic control, NUK encourages students to apply for the exchange. If students can develop fluent English skills, it will be helpful for interpersonal interaction or academic study. Therefore, this camp is specially organized to create an interactive platform for foreign students and local students.

The camp course lasts for 2 days. The foreign teacher, Jonathan Salmon Muller, taught students presentation skills, and the camp invited Cheng-Hui Liu from General Education Center to guide students to the old tribes of Yancheng District. In the meantime, ETA and SDGs Ambassadors served as counselors.

Students presented the gain of touring the old tribes (Dayong Market) of Yancheng District and The Pier-2 Art Center in English, and their satisfaction with the course reached 90%. We all expect to hold more activities and get to know more about the characteristic culture of counties and cities through walking tour.




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