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2023 NUK Overseas Students New Year Evening Gala: Learn more about Taiwan's history and culture while studying hard


【Translator: Yu-Yan Hsieh】

2023-03-01 National University of Kaohsiung held a “NUK Overseas Students New Year Evening Gala” on February 24th, 2023. The evening gala was held at We&win Hospitality, and over 200 teachers and students took part in to have a joyful new year feast.

This grand event invited Hui-Fen Chen from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC(Taiwan), 古田清史and Chuan-Cheng Cheng from Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Chi-Kuo Lin from OCAH, Pei-Shan Yu from Kaohsiung Friends of Indonesia Association, Tsung-Pin Kuo from National Immigration Agency, R.O.C., the president of NUK, Yueh-Tuan Chen, Hsing-Hao Wu from International Affairs, Ming-Chang Weng from Executive Management Training Center, Yi-Hui Cheng from International Master of Business Administration program, and Chi-Chi Lin from Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and so on.

The president of NUK, Yueh-Tuan Chen mentioned that she loves the lively personality of our overseas students in her speech. She reminded students to learn more about Taiwan's history and culture while studying hard, and hope that whether they return to their home country or stay in Taiwan, they will be able to develop their talents and have a bright future.

The Dean of International Affairs, Hsing-Hao Wu delivered a speech thanking the guests for their presence and taking care of the overseas students of NUK. The chairman of OCAH, Chi-Kuo Lin, also mentioned that OCAH has been established for more than 81 years, and the students of NUK always participate in all kinds of competitions and seminars for overseas students.

Given that more and more Japanese students come to study at NUK, International Affairs specially invited 古田清史from Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association to attend this evening gala. 古田清史 said that the COVID-19 affected the number of Japanese students studying abroad in the past two years, but the situation has gradually gotten better this year. The number of Japanese students studying abroad in Taiwan will increase, and Taiwan has become the third country with the number of Japanese students studying abroad. He hopes that this evening gala will show concern for the Japanese students studying and living in Taiwan, and let Japanese students know that there is a Kaohsiung Office of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association in Lingya District, Kaohsiung City. Japanese students are very welcome to make good use of it.

International Affairs specially prepared for the “NUK Overseas Students New Year Evening Gala” at the beginning of 2023, hoping that overseas students can still feel the joyful atmosphere of New Year even if they didn’t go back to their hometown. The hosting and performances of this gala were all performed by overseas students, and presented in both Chinese and English. Students from all over the world showed versatile singing, dancing, playing and singing performances.

The party first kicked off with the lively playing and singing by the three-person band, followed by Malaysian students playing and singing, Japanese students dancing, Malaysian students' hip-hop songs, Indonesian students' singing and drama performances, United Nations dances, New Year's song chorus, etc. The guests awarded scholarships as well. Every participant all enjoyed this evening gala a lot, and we look forward to meeting again next year.
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