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The School Anniversary of NUK: Signing MOU with HTC and co-promoting XR and 5G applications


【Translator: Yu-Yan Hsieh】

2023-03-18 The 23rd School Anniversary of National University of Kaohsiung started on March 18th. The president of NUK, Yueh-Tuan Chen indicated that NUK ranked first in the "2000 Big Enterprises' Favorite College Students Survey--Public Medium-sized Universities" for the second time, showing that the goal of school governance linking industry and society is correct in her speech.

In the future, NUK will continue to follow the national policy, give full play to the value of the university, focus on the needs of the industry, and cultivate talents who integrate learning and application. At the ceremony, NUK has signed MOU with HTC to work together to promote the exchange and development of the XR industry, technology, and talents.

“Industrial links and social links are the goals of NUK's governance,” said the president of NUK, Yueh-Tuan Chen. In the latest (February, 2023) survey of "2,000 Large Enterprises Love College Students" released by "Cheers" Magazine, NUK ranked first in the list of "Public General Medium-sized Universities". This all thanks to the affirmation of enterprises and the efforts of NUK’s teachers and students.

Attending guest, Po-Jen Hsiao, deputy executive director of the Information Industry Promotion Association (Information Strategy Association), is in charge of hosting the "Startup Terrace Kaohsiung" 5G, AIoT cross-ministerial national plan. In the speech, Po-Jen Hsiao said that thanks to NUK for its support, helping the Taipei team to take root and grounding, and attracting a large number of start-up teams to settle in.

At present, all the spaces in the park are fully rented and the supply is in short supply. He believes that with the cooperation between the two parties in the future, it is just around the corner to create a digital content industry cluster.

At the ceremony, the president of NUK, Yueh-Tuan Chen and the COO of HTC, Jui-Chun Chien signed a Memorandum of Industry-University Cooperation on behalf of both parties. Yueh-Tuan Chen indicated that today's ceremony is the best testimony of the school's active implementation of the "Industrial Link."

In the future, the two parties will jointly promote various industry-university cooperation projects such as talent cultivation and technical exchanges. HTC is the world's largest manufacturer of smartphones and virtual reality (VR) devices, especially VR head-mounted displays, and is the second largest manufacturer in the world.

The COO of HTC, Jui-Chun Chien said that in recent years, the group has invested in the development of metaverse, 5G private network, AR, VR and other fields and has accumulated some international achievements. At the same time, it has responded to the relevant government layout. Therefore, we will join hands with NUK to deepen local cultivation and cultivate corresponding talents. In addition to achieving a win-win situation for industry, government and academia, we also need to form a team to enter the international market.

In terms of social links, NUK successfully won the Ministry of Economic Affairs' "Startup Terrace Kaohsiung" operation management plan, building Kaohsiung into a dream factory where domestic and foreign start-up teams are rushing to enter, assist in the transformation and upgrading of the real estate industry, and create new digital cross-domain business opportunities.

NUK plays the social responsibility of the university and spares no effort in taking care of athletes. We not only cultivate them to win glory for the country, but also attach great importance to career development after retirement. Therefore, we strive for the Sports Administration's "Counseling Outstanding Athletes to Engage in Talent Training for the Semiconductor Industry" program, assisting retired athletes to change the track, and creating a new triple-win model of cross-domain integration of industry, government, and academia.

NUK actively cooperates with national policies, gives full play to the value of universities, and responds to the football talent training plan of the Ministry of Education. With the support of Undersecretary, Teng-Jiao Lin and the Legislator, Shyh-Fang Liu, in August 2022, the Department of Sports Athletics will successfully seek to add a football team; in December, they also successfully applied for the construction of a modern artificial turf football field with a total cost of NT$33.33 million and a subsidy of NT$30 million from the Ministry of Education.

The future completion and opening will not only allow players to improve their football skills safely, but also serve as a venue for promotion and support for major competitions or training, creating a football industry value chain.

On the other hand, the unity, centripetal force and full vitality of the teachers and students of NUK are fully demonstrated in the track and field, fun competitions, tug-of-war competitions and other events arranged by the sports meeting. Teachers and students from various departments also showed enthusiasm, vitality, and creativity when they entered the venue, designing various props and spiritual slogans. The president Yueh-Tuan Chen presided over the opening ceremony and encouraged everyone to sweat to the fullest, to discover the potential of sports, and to challenge the national and even world sports stage.

School celebrations, school fair, club performances, tax and calligraphy competitions, NUK Hanmo Yuan Calligraphy Exhibition and MASALU started at noon. Attracting many people to participate in the fun, it reflects the spirit of common prosperity and mutual benefit between the school and the local area.



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