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Cheng-Hung Wang, Associate Professor of Department of Crafts and Creative Design led students to integrate learning with rural VR



【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

quality education reduced inequalities life below water

【Translator:Yu-Yan Hsieh】

2023-05-02 The diversified development of education is not only limited by factors such as geographical environment, but also affected by factors such as new immigrants, urbanization, and declining birth rate, making the problem of rural education more complicated than before. "Artistic Fishing Village" is developed with the theme of SDGs 14 "Life Below Water" and SDGs4 "Quality Education". In the undergraduate courses, students are allowed to integrate image creation, picture book production and design thinking. Through creative thinking on ocean issues, complete the implementation of picture books on sustainable development.

Freshmen and Sophomores were led by the Cheng-Hung Wang, Associate Professor of Department of Crafts and Creative Design of NUK. They brought the picture book textbooks completed by college students to two rural primary and secondary schools (Kaohsiung Municipal Ke-Liao Junior Highschool and Ke-Liao Elementary School) for art workshops, allowing the children to draw the ocean home in their hearts.

The content planning of the workshop is as follows: 1. Introduction to picture books, 2. VR marine ecological experience, 3. Drawing the creation of marine homes, 4. Understanding marine ecology through virtual reality, 5. Playing together with the display of transfer printing results.

The university team entered Kaohsiung Municipal Ke-Liao Junior Highschool on April 26th and Ke-Liao Elementary School on May 2nd to interact with the students, and combined the knowledge of UN SDGs issues, marine ecology and understanding Keziliao with VR and artistic creation to the teaching site.

They will also enter Ke-Liao Elementary School for the second time, and invite students from Kaohsiung Municipal Ke-Liao Junior Highschool, who were selected as 5G new technology learning demonstration schools, to NUK at the end of May. There are about 100 students from the two schools. They will co-create and integrate VR technology into learning experience with college students.

The goal of this activity course is to enhance the cultivation of college students' ability to practice and practice in rural areas. Based on service design learning, students can enter the teaching content of rural field practice. By playing the Heat-printing series of activities together, they will craft practice is a skill course that combines aesthetic education and practical experience. 

By playing the heat-printing series of activities together, students will practice heat-printing as a skill course before learning skills such as operation and teaching plan design in the classroom and after training, they will plan out teaching plans suitable for guiding elementary and middle school children.

Lead rural school children to conduct heat-printing experience courses and get in touch with new technology education to increase art experience, so that school children in rural areas can not only learn by hand, but also further develop works with local characteristics. At the same time, it implements the demands of the local Practical Community Service Design Learning and SDGs-4, and spreads the achievements of integrating new technology into learning.




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