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Senior Executive Officer Wen-Pin Weng shared 10 elements at “National Examination & Indigenous Special Examination Lecture”


【Translator:Yu-Yan Hsieh】

2023-05-04 National University of Kaohsiung held “National Examination & Indigenous Special Examination Lecture” on May 2nd, and we invited Ministry of Examination Senior Executive Officer Wen-Pin Weng to analyze its characteristics and application for the class. In addition, the 10 key elements of the title of the gold list were revealed to help students who intend to join the public office to prepare as early as possible.

This lecture was held by Aboriginal Student Resource Center of NUK and Aboriginal Club. The principal Yueh-Tuan Chen specially attended and thanked Wen-Pin Weng for coming to the school to share and benefit the students.

Wen-Pin Weng explained in detail the spirit of the National Examination, Aboriginal Special Examination, subjects, benefits, as well as the number of applicants and vacancies over the years, in order to remind students that if they have determined to serve the country and the people, they must prepare as soon as possible.

Wen-Pin Weng also generously provided the gold list titles and the 10 winning elements, including firm ambitions for the exam, cultivating the joy of reading, emphasizing reading efficiency, regular living habits, relaxing before the exam, preparation on the day of the written exam, written exam answering skills, and oral exam coping skills.

Aboriginal Student Resource Center of NUK was founded in 2017, and there are 114 aboriginal students in NUK. Aboriginal Student Resource Center not only actively enhances the self-identity and cultural awareness of indigenous people but also commits to promoting safe education, employment and career planning. The tutoring results are remarkable, for example, Huai-Kuan Hsieh, a master student of the Department of Economic and Financial Law, passed the lawyer's college entrance examination.

Aboriginal Student Resource Center of NUK also co-organized “Rocket Class for Civil Service Special Examination Aboriginal Nationality Examination Fourth Class Civil Engineering” with Commission of Indigenous Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government. Although there are only 4 places in the country, it still assisted Yu-Shan Huang from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to successfully enter the list.

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