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Sports Administration, Ministry of Education and NUK help athletes turned junior engineers


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TranslatorYu-Yan Hsieh

2023-05-16 Sports Administration, Ministry of Education and National University of Kaohsiung started “Athletes Advance Semiconductor Training Program” on May 16th, joining hands with major technology companies such as ASE to ensure employment by "hiring first and training later" to help cultivate second expertise. From an athlete who pursues power and beauty in seconds, to an engineer who develops square-inch, low-power and high-performance chips, and creates a win-win model of cross-domain integration of production, government, and learning, it is estimated that at least 105 people will be trained in 3 stages.

The launch ceremony of the program was held in the Joint Office Building of the Sports Department. The Undersecretary of MOE, Teng-Jiao Lin, Director of Sports Administration, Shih-Chung Cheng, Members of Legislative Yuan, Shih-Fang Liu and the president of NUK, Yueh-Tuan Chen hosted the ceremony together. ASE(3711), OSE(2329), YAGEO (2327), WINWAY(6515) and TAIFLEX Scientific Co.,Ltd.(8039) joined in the grand event.

The Undersecretary of MOE, Teng-Jiao Lin indicated that “Sports is the strength of a country. We would like to thank every athlete for winning glory for the country and letting the world see Taiwan. The Ministry of Education continues to build a comprehensive employment counseling program, so that active national players can play hard without any worries, and get good care after retirement.”

The Executive Yuan approved the "Excellent Athlete Counseling Program" in 2018 to establish a career counseling and care system for athletes. The Ministry of Education continued to conduct cross-ministerial meetings to review the domestic industry. The semiconductor industry is booming and the demand for talents is strong. Therefore, the tripartite cooperation between industry, government and academia has been initiated.

In the early stage of planning by the Sports Administration, NUK will take over the implementation for 4 years starting from this year (2023). It is believed that this plan not only takes care of the players to develop their second specialties, but also maintains the advantages of Taiwan's semiconductor industry.
The Director of Sports Administration, Shih-Chung Cheng introduced “Athletes Advance Semiconductor Training Program”, joining hands with major technology companies to adopt a "hiring first and training later" system, and cooperate with transparent promotion norms to increase the retention rate of talents. A total of 3 echelons have been opened, with more than 35 job vacancies in each echelon, and a total of at least 105 new bloods have been trained.

As long as you submit the certificate of the national team or the participation certificate of the six domestic comprehensive sports games, you are eligible for registration; start as a technician as an employee, and receive two years of on-the-job training. After passing the assessment, you can be promoted to an engineer or on-site management position!

Members of Legislative Yuan, Shih-Fang Liu indicated that sports is an important national strategy and one of the most fundamental cores of education. It is a mission to be fulfilled to promote national sports to take root at the grassroots level. The promotion of football development in Kaohsiung is the best example. In order for athletes to have no worries, they can fully devote themselves to sports training and competitions, and to coach and improve the career development of athletes is the country's commitment to sports talents. We look forward to this cross-domain integration of production, learning, and sports, and the establishment of a training mechanism for the connection between athletes and the semiconductor industry, which can become a model and be replicated throughout Taiwan.

The president of NUK, Yueh-Tuan Chen said that the school is committed to linking industry and society, following national policies, giving full play to the school’s maximum value, focusing on industry needs, and cultivating talents who integrate learning and application. Especially NUK is located in the Southern Semiconductor S Corridor, only 8 minutes’ drive from Nanzi Science and Technology Industrial Park, where is really close to ASE, OSE, YAGEO, WINWAY and TAIFLEX Scientific Co.,Ltd. Knowing that NUK is undertaking this project, the technology industry joined in the grand event without saying a word.

During the training period, the trainees will be accompanied by industry mentors to care about their learning progress, and the tutoring transfer will be seamless. Thanks also to National Taiwan University of Sport, National Taiwan Sport University, University of Taipei, National Sun Yat-Sen University, National Kaohsiung Normal University, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, National Pingtung University, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, National Taichung University of Education, National Chiayi University, National University of Tainan, I-SHOU University, Tajen University, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Cheng Shiu University, Fooyin University, Shu-Te University, a total of 18 co-organizing schools fully support and promote the cooperation.

The Vice President of ASE, Shu-Hsia Li said that human capital is the key to driving the semiconductor industry forward. The self-discipline and resilience developed during the training process of athletes are even more valuable qualities in the workplace. There are many partners with similar backgrounds in the group, which positively affects the working atmosphere and efficiency of the production line.

Former professional baseball player and ASE Process Engineer, Chien-Hung Kuo shared his mental journey from standing on the mound against hitters to entering the technology industry to solve process problems. He said that the drill mentality and focus traits established in the past training can handle the work of the technology industry system with ease, and positive attitude is also helpful for promotion. He encourages athletes to consider "Athletes Advance Semiconductor Training Program" as an option when they face a career transition perio.

About the information of "Athletes Advance Semiconductor Training Program", please check: https://sports.geekers.tw/



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