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President Chen Yueh-Tuan met with table tennis players Lin Tzu-Yu, Tian Xiao-Wen, and Su Jin-Xian to celebrate their outstanding performance, which secured two gold, three silver, and one bronze medals in the table tennis events.


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2023-11-06 National University of Kaohsiung President Chen Yueh-Tuan received students Lin Tzu-Yu, Tian Shiau-wen, and Su Jin-Sian, who represented Taiwan at the "2022 4th Asian Para Games (APG) in Hangzhou". They achieved remarkable success in table tennis with two gold, three silver, and one bronze. President Chen embraced and encouraged them, presented a red envelope as a token of appreciation, and urged them to make the most of national training and support from enthusiastic enterprises to achieve further success and showcase Taiwan's abilities to the world.

Lin Tzu-Yu and Tian Shiau-wen are graduate students in the Department of Kinesiology, Health and Leisure Studies(DKHL) at the National University of Kaohsiung. Su Jin-Sian is an undergraduate in NUK's Department of Athletic Performance(DAP). Chair Chang, Chih-Cheng of DKHL, and Chair Wang Ming-Yueh of DAP accompanied them to share the good news.

Chen Yueh-Tuan stated that NUK is committed to caring for all its students and emphasizes the rights and potential of those with disabilities. To support this commitment, she and the administrative team actively seek national funding resources and collaborate with enthusiastic businesses and philanthropists to provide financial support for training and competitions. The goal is to ensure students can compete without worries, push their limits, and achieve outstanding results.

Regarding the mentorship of Wang Ming-Yueh, the Chair of DKHL, who has been with these three students throughout their growth, Chen Yueh-Duan expressed her gratitude and praised Wang's keen insight. She acknowledged that he has identified hidden talents and helped shape them into great athletes. In addition to offering continued support, she encouraged the mentor and students to make the best use of the resources at the National Sports Training Center, such as AI sports technology assistance and refining their skills to achieve even higher performance.

Wang Ming-Yueh mentioned that in addition to intensive pre-competition training to enhance their skills and tactics, simulate real matches, and gather scientific sports data, they also received meticulous care from physical trainers and protection personnel. All these efforts came together to achieve the best results in the table tennis event at the 4th Asian Para Games.

Lin Tzu-Yu, a Taiwan table tennis athlete and a master's student in the Department of Kinesiology, Health and Leisure Studies at the National University of Kaohsiung, won two gold and one silver medals. Her achievements include the "Women's Singles TT10 Gold Medal," the "Mixed Doubles XD17-20 Gold Medal" (partnering with Lin Chun-Ting), and the "Women's Doubles WD20 Silver Medal" (partnering with Tian Shiau-wen). With these victories, she has secured her ticket to the 2024 Paris Paralympics. Tian Shiau-wen, who secured two silver medals this time, achieved the same as the previous edition with her performances in the "Women's Singles TT10 Silver" and "Women's Doubles WD20 Silver." Meanwhile, Su Jin-Sian earned a bronze medal in the men's singles TT10 event.

Lin Tzu-Yu mentioned that although the Hangzhou Asian Para Games were postponed to 2023 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it gave her another year to improve her skills and focus on her physical and mental well-being. She expressed gratitude to her mentors, coaches, and the personalized training program that helped her achieve outstanding results in the competition. She also emphasized her commitment to breaking new ground in her career.

Su Jin-Sian, originally from New Taipei City, faced a unique challenge in life as he was born with a condition known as "Poland Syndrome." This condition resulted in the absence of particular chest muscles and ribs and partial loss of function in his arms and fingers. At the age of eleven, he began his journey in table tennis, thanks to the guidance and encouragement of his mother. His participation in table tennis opened up new opportunities for him in the world of sports. Especially during his studies at NUK, majoring in the Department of Athletic Performance, he received support from his mentors to enhance his skills. After two attempts at the Asian Para Games, Su Jin-Sian secured the bronze medal in the Men's Singles TT10 category.



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