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NUK's Open Day will be held on the 24th. High school students are welcome to listen to the department introduction and tips for college applications.


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2024-02-05  The National University of Kaohsiung (NUK) will host its Open Day on Saturday, the 24th of this month. The event is open to high school students and parents nationwide. Planned activities include robotic arms, XR technology, and Maker. Additionally, experts will be on-site to explain various academic departments' characteristics and career prospects. The event is free, but advance registration is required by the 14th. For more information, please visit the official website: https://nukopenday.github.io/#

The Open Day is hosted by the Academic Affairs Division and will be held at the 2nd-floor atrium of the Library and Information Building. Yimin Chen, the Dean of Academic Affairs, stated that the university has planned the Open Day to assist students after the conclusion of university entrance exams. Faculty and students from 20 departments across 5 colleges will be available to provide explanations and assistance during the event.

The experiential courses include "Pottery Handcrafting" hosted by Guan-Xun Chen, Director of the Department of Crafts and Creative Design, "XR Technology" led by Associate Professor Zheng-Hong Wang, and "Rope Waves and LED Illumination Science Experiments" hosted by Associate Professor Jin-Zhong Yu from the Department of Applied Physics. Additionally, the NUK AI Center will organize a session on "Robotic arms", while the Maker.lab will offer an experience titled "Playing with Laser Cutting and Creating Party Props". Alongside these activities, there will be 12 student clubs showcasing the diverse outcomes.

In addition to the main activities, there will also be shuttle buses arranged for guided tours around the campus and experiences such as visiting the College of Law's moot court. High school students and parents are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.


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