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"Campus Open Day" Students are invited to visit the campus to learn about the characteristics of different academic clusters and industry trends and experience diverse university life.


【Translator: Zhi-Yu Yang】

【Promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series】

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2024-02-24 The National University of Kaohsiung holds its “Campus Open Day” event today (February 24), offering a complete guide on application documents, interviews, pottery creation, XR technology, and AI robotic arms. High school students and parents are invited to visit the campus. In addition to experiencing "a day as a university student," there are direct face-to-face interactions with professors and senior students from various departments. Helping understand the characteristics of each academic group and even future industry trends, assisting in choosing a more directional department.

The "Campus Open Day" at NUK is organized by the Office of Academic Affairs Division, with the main venue located in the atrium of the Library and Information Building on the 2nd floor. Vice President of Academic Affairs Yuan Jing, representing the university, expressed gratitude and welcomed high school students and their accompanying parents. She mentioned that Open Day originated in Europe and America, where universities invite high school students to visit the campus, experience special courses and activities, and thus get to know the campus culture, environment, and faculty.

Yuan Jing emphasized that talent training in the new era should break away from traditional educational thinking. National Kaohsiung University aligns with international standards by incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its school management objectives. This aims to cultivate students' abilities to connect internationally, engage in interdisciplinary learning, and solve problems. The university has been ranked at the top of the "Public General Medium-sized Universities" list in the "2,000 Most Preferred Graduates by Enterprises" survey for consecutive years. With promising prospects upon graduation, high school students are welcome to consider NUK as their educational option.

Dean of Academic Affairs Chen Yi-Min stated that next week, the results of the General Scholastic Ability Test (學測) will be released, followed closely by the "The Star Project" (繁星推薦) and "Application for Admission" processes. NUK invites "prospective university students" to visit the campus through the "University Unboxing" activity. This allows them to understand the 5 colleges, 20 departments, and the sustainable ecological environment of National Kaohsiung University. Furthermore, they can engage in discussions with professors and senior students from various departments to grasp the characteristics of each academic group and even future industry trends.

The event venue has each department, center, and club setting up booths to showcase their specialties. Including the Department of Crafts and Creative Design, showcasing "Pottery Handcrafting" and "XR Technology," the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures presenting a "Cultural Experience Card Game," the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, showcasing teaching achievements, the Department of Applied Physics Representing " Waves and LED Light Science Experiments," the College of Law Internship Court is offering a "Judicial Robes Experience," the Artificial Intelligence Research Center demonstrating "AI Robotic Arms and Smart Food Delivery Cart Operations," and the  Center for Teaching and Learning Development offering "Fun with Laser Cutting Experience and Party Prop Making."

In addition, clubs such as the "Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra(NUK music)" opened the event with performances of British folk songs, including "Seventeen Come Sunday" (星期天滿十七歲), "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean" (我的邦妮男孩), and "Somerset" (薩莫塞特). The "Aboriginal Club" will also showcase performances highlighting the Amis culture, as well as the "Harvest Festival" (豐年節) song "Panzalai" (汎札萊), demonstrating the wide variety of club activities at the university.


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