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NUK 24th Anniversary Celebration, joining hands with the TAIDE project from the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center.

【Translator: Zhi-Yu Yang】

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2024-03-23 The National University of Kaohsiung held its 24th-anniversary celebration and sports day today (23rd). In her speech, President Chen Yueh-Tuan pointed out that NUK has achieved fruitful results in its academic affairs, including collaborations with the Ministry of Education's Sports Administration and the Ministry of Labor's Workforce Development to foster technological talents and establish training bases. During the ceremony, NUK also signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center, jointly launching the "Generative Artificial Intelligence Service Platform," becoming the first university in Taiwan to utilize the "Trustworthy AI Dialogue Engine (TAIDE)."

Minister Kuan Bi-Ling of the Ocean Affairs Council and Chairman Lee Shun-chin of CPC Corporation, Taiwan, attended the ceremony to express their support. Vice president Lin Bou-Wen of the National Applied Research Laboratories recorded a video praising NUK for its collaborative efforts in advancing generative AI, marking a new milestone for Taiwan.

Lee Shun-chin stated that CPC Corporation, Taiwan, shoulders the national mission of providing a stable, high-quality energy supply. NUK responds to national policies by nurturing interdisciplinary and diverse talents who can apply their knowledge practically, all working tirelessly for Taiwan's advancement. Therefore, CPC Corporation, Taiwan, strongly supports NUK's development of football sports by allocating an "Elite Sports Development Fund" of NT$3 million, assisting NUK in its quest to enter the top 100 in the world of football, allowing the athletes to thrive on the field and strive for excellent results.

Chen Yueh-Tuan stated that the National University of Kaohsiung has always adhered to the goal of "linking industry and society," aligning with the nation's needs, people, and enterprises. In particular, NUK actively responds to national policies by establishing a football division in the Department of Sports and Competitive Games, connecting with the cultivation of fourth-level football talents, and establishing a football team. With a fresh approach, NUK clinched the championship in the collegiate football league last year (academic year 111), advancing to the men's second division and securing qualification for the Taiwan Football League Division 2. Currently leading in the men's second division with three consecutive victories, NUK will continue to challenge the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the league next week.

At the ceremony, President Chen Yueh-Tuan of the National University of Kaohsiung and Lee Yuh-Jye, the principal investigator of the TAIDE project from the National Science Council, signed an MOU on behalf of both parties. Chen stated that implementing "TAIDE" at NUK will assist faculty and students in analyzing and processing information more quickly, thereby improving work efficiency and demonstrating the university's commitment to leveraging AI technology. NUK is present, especially amidst the global AI wave, where governments and significant tech companies invest heavily in developing large-scale language models. Associate Professor Wu Chun-Hsing from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering is a vital member of the TAIDE development team.

Lee Yu-Chieh pointed out that TAIDE is Taiwan's first trustworthy generative AI engine. Both government and enterprises can choose the appropriate model size and measure the computing power according to their needs, enabling them to train or construct internal applications. Moreover, TAIDE possesses two distinctive features: "Based on Taiwanese culture" and "Security." The former integrates elements such as local language, values, and customs, enabling it to understand and respond to the needs of local users. The latter utilizes on-device technology to protect personal data from being transmitted over the internet.

On the school anniversary day, the Library and Information Center held the opening ceremony of artist Huang Huansheng's "Deep Affection of the Jiǎzǐ Year - Art Exhibition." The works showcased abundant creative energy, bringing an artistic feast to faculty, students, and the public, embodying the spirit of greatness and community prosperity. The sports meet occurred at the athletics field, featuring various events, including creative performances by students and faculty from multiple departments, track and field events, fun competitions, and tug-of-war. In the afternoon, a concert, market fair, and painting exhibition were held bustlingly at the Student Activity Center and its surroundings.




The 24th Anniversary Celebration of NUK: https://youtu.be/D5PnuzIli8w?si=aiUOeJiTJdRBhpyV

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Tsai Hsien-yu Art Exhibition (Provided by the Student Affairs Division): https://youtu.be/54-iR_q-0ts 


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