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Office of International Affairs encourages foreign students to adapt to a new cultural environment. Vietnamese students set up booths to promote their culture and cuisine at the NUK's 24th Anniversary Celebration.

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2024-03-26 To assist foreign students studying in Taiwan in adapting to a new cultural environment, the Office of International Affairs specifically arranged booths at the Music Festival (which is one of the events in the 24th Anniversary Celebration) for Vietnamese students enrolled in the International Foundation Program to introduce cultural features and sell delicacies such as spring rolls and Vietnamese rice paper salad (Bánh tráng trn). This initiative was highly praised, with over a hundred portions sold within two hours.

The Dean of International Affairs, Mr. Wu Hsing-hao, led two team leaders, Mr. Pei Guangxiong and Ms. Hou Meidai, along with colleagues from the Office of International Affairs, to visit the booths to offer support and encouragement. They encouraged Vietnamese students to integrate and serve as bridges for Taiwan-Vietnam exchanges.

Mr. Wu Hsing-hao stated that the university is committed to promoting its linkage with society and industries, and spares no effort in caring for international students. In addition to academic learning, efforts are made to assist in adapting to life. Regular invitations are extended to relevant government units such as the Nanzi Police Station to promote rental accommodations, transportation, and fraud prevention. Furthermore, social events and promotional activities such as food and cultural experiences have facilitated interaction and exchange between international students, local students, and the community. Students from various countries are welcome to apply to study at the NUK.

Mr. BÙI QUANG HÙNG, the head of the International Admission Section at the Office of International Affairs, is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature, specializing in Vietnamese. He mentioned that nearly 30 Vietnamese students in the International Foundation Program. Since November 2023, they have assisted in establishing the Vietnamese Student Association, which plans and hosts events to support and take care of students, including Christmas parties, welcome parties, and birthday celebrations. At this event, they set up booths to sell a variety of dishes such as spring rolls and Vietnamese pancake (bánh xèo), not only to alleviate homesickness but also to promote their culture and make new friends.


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