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NUK Invites President and Staff from Indonesia's Universitas Universal to Strengthen International Cooperation and Boost Overseas Student Numbers.


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【Text provided by Chen Hsiang-jan, Office of International Affairs

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2024-05-03 The National University of Kaohsiung (NUK) collaborated globally with its sister schools. On April 25th, Dr. Aswandy, President of Universitas Universal in Indonesia, led a delegation including Dr. Didi Sundiman, Dean of the Business Management School, Antoni Suparno, Head of the International Cooperation Office, along with the principals of Universitas Universal's affiliated high school and vocational school, and the directors of the university's language center, to visit NUK.

National University of Kaohsiung (NUK) President Chen Yueh-Tuan and Dean of International Affairs Wu Hsing-Hao received the delegation from Universitas Universal in Indonesia. The purpose of this visit was to discuss matters of international cooperation and exchange between the two universities. The discussions focused on the overlapping academic fields and the potential for collaboration, emphasizing student exchange programs and demonstrating a high potential for cooperation. The plan is to develop more student exchange activities in the future to enrich the international learning experiences for students from both institutions. During the meeting, Wu Hsing-Hao promoted NUK's International Specialized Program to the principals of the high school and vocational school, offering more opportunities for students from Universitas Universal's affiliated schools to come to Taiwan for exchange and learning.

President Chen Yueh-Tuan stated that NUK is continuously committed to expanding its international perspective and promoting international academic exchange and cooperation. The collaboration with Universitas Universal aims to jointly advance the development of educational endeavors. After the meeting, representatives from both sides exchanged souvenirs to express their appreciation and the significance of this exchange event. This event deepened the friendly cooperative relationship between the two institutions and laid a solid foundation for more collaborative exchanges in the future.


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